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40% gibberellic acid water-soluble granules


Gibberellin (A3) is one of the best plant growth regulators. The most significant bioactivity of the product is to stimulate elongation of plant cell, to make the plant taller and to make leaves larger. The product can break dormancy of seeds, tuber and root tuber to promote their sprouting, to stimulate fruit growing to increase the percentage of fruiting or to form seedless fruit. It can be used instead of low temperature to promote the plants which need low temperature in their fertile stage to form flower buds ahead of time and can also be used instead of long daylight to make some plants to bloom in short daylight. It can induce the formation of a-amylase and accelerate hydrolysis of stored materials in endosperm cell.
Gibberellin³ 400mg/mg,   Gibberellin (A3)³40.0%
Package: 1g/bag2g/bag; 1kg/bag
Field of application:
Rice, cotton, vegetables, fruit, melon, green manure, etc.
Add the granules to the water to reach the concentration required and then agitate the solution till the granules are dissolved completely.
There are different applications according to different species of plants, for example daub, immerse seeds, mix seeds, dip root and spray.
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