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Amino Acid Liquid Fertilizer



   Amino Acid liquid fertilizer is produced using a patented biochemical technology introduced from abroad. The active ingredients yielded from two stages of fermentation. By compound bacterial species, are refined into the commercial product.

    The liquid fertilizer has strong adhesive and permeable force and it plays a significant role in whole neutralizer and physiological regulation after it is sprayed on the crop leaves or irrigating it into roots. The fertilizer can promote crop's roots growth, increase branches and leaves, bud differentiation and expansion of fruits. It can also strengthen crop's ability to prevent and resist some diseases, and delay crop's lifetime. Many field experiments of this liquid fertilizer have completed in Shanghai and over other 20 provinces on more 50 kind of crops in China. The results were evident that the effects of the fertilizer were remarkable and stable. In General, the fertilizer can increase crop yield by 10-30%, improve quality of the products and increase farmer's income as well.

Main characteristics of the liquid fertilizer

(1).The basic raw materials of the fertilizer are imported sea products like fish powder high content of protein ( ﹥ 65%). Therefore the product contains all necessary animal amino acid and has higher physiological active.

(2)The liquid product contains many kinds of vitamins, antibiotics and physiology regulators produced from fermenting processing.

(3)The liquid fertilizer also contains enough N.P.K and some micronutrients.

    As such, the liquid product has the advantages of nutrition balance and multiple functions. It can play those kinds of liquid fertilizer's roles at present market such as nutrition type, physiological type and amino acid type.

    Since “San Liu” Amino Acid liquid fertilizer is based on hi-tec, multifunctional and free-pollution, the product will be the better fertilizer source for producing the ecological or green foods. The product has qualified by Organic Food Development Center Of China (OFDC) in 2001,as a clean organic fertilizer source for producing organic foods. Shanghai municipal government as aspecial liquid fertilizer also selected the product for “Vegetable basket engineering” and “high yield cereal crops of one million Mu engineering in Shanghai suburb.

    The liquid fertilizer as a hi-tec product was included in the “Sparking Fire” urgent plan in Shanghai in 1997 and was also included in the “Sparking Fire” urgent plan in China in 1998.

Amino Acid ≥ 10 . 0%

N.P.K ≥ 15%

PH: 6.2—6.4
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